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Arts from the Past: Summer of Sonic 2009

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

We’ve all shared so many memories over the last three years of the Summer of Sonic convention! Some of the best ones are contained in the fanart that we see every year – the sheer creativity and artistic talent of the community continues to bowl us over without fail. In 2009′s Truman Brewery convention, staff collected most of the discarded fanart drawn at the venue, in an attempt to preserve the great stuff we saw on the day.

It’s taken us a while to find time to scan them all (like a year and a bit!?) but today I’m proud to present a collection of artwork from the 2009 Summer of Sonic event. This post serves to give back said artwork to those who wanted to archive it on their DeviantArt account or elsewhere, and to detail just how much effort and fun is put into these works by fans. Ultimately the Summer of Sonic is more than just the work of myself and the staff who host the event – it’s about your dedication to the Sonic franchise and your expression of that dedication.

I leave you with the gallery below, along with details of the artist, if it was available on the original copy (and their age at the time). Please feel free to contact me directly if you want to have your name listed, changed or your piece removed from this page at

The new Summer of Sonic 2011 site will be arriving soon – along with the beginning of the lead-up to Sonic’s 20th Anniversary! We’re always listening to your suggestions and comments, and now there are several places for you to make your voice heard – on the Summer of Sonic forum on The Sonic Stadium, the SoS Facebook page, or on our DeviantArt group (thanks to SyamingLi for its creation).

Summer Of Sonic 2010 – Nintendo Channel Coverage

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

SOS 2010 had some very special visitors, litterally at the last minute Nintendo wanted to come along and film proceedings, with Sonic Colours now in stores in Europe the Nintendo Channel has put up its footage of the event.

If you don’t own a Wii check it out here…

The Missing Fan Video – Sonic Adventure 2 In Brief

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

We weren’t able to show this at the event, but a follow up to Frobman’s Sonic Adventure In Brief was created. I did promise it would go on this site so here it is!

The Return Of The Tails Doll

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

In case you missed the earlier link to SW…

Spotlight Submissions Close: Tuesday

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Thanks so much for your contributions so far to the Spotlight – we will be working through all of our submissions very soon and adding all of the entries onto this website later on today. But as we enter the final week leading up to the Summer of Sonic 2010 convention, it is time we said goodbye to this feature as we all prepare for the big day.

Tuesday will be the last day you will be able to submit anything to the Spotlight – after that, we will try to add your work but it is not guaranteed. Likewise, as previously mentioned, having your work published on this website is not a guarantee of your work appearing in the Summer of Sonic venue on Saturday. Spotlight is a feature intended only for the SoS website.

If you’ve yet to send us anything to show us your love for Sonic, then you have one more day to do it! Simply grab your work (if it’s an image, please ensure it is saved with a popular filetype extension – PNG, JPG, GIF for example – and make sure it’s not too big in filesize), attach it to an email or send us a Youtube link (or other such information) to

Make the subject of your email “Spotlight” and include your Name, Nickname (if you’d rather not use your real name), Email Address and any Website Link you might want us to reference. Please note that we cannot guarantee every submission will be published on this website (although we will certainly try), and that original fan works published here cannot be re-used for any contest at the Summer of Sonic convention.

Darkspine Sonic & Friends – by Page

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

It’s not enough that Sonic turns into his Darkspine form in Sonic and the Secret Rings, for our fellow fan Page. No, here we see Tails and Knuckles assume the purple, enigmatic look too, to become a team that is rather appropriately named Darkspine Heroes. We wonder what subdued abilities Darkspine Tails and Darkspine Knuckles would have, or if they even have to battle a disgruntled genie to obtain these forms…

You can visit Page’s DeviantArt gallery by clicking here.

Sonic Colours – by f-sonic

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

There are some truly talented artists in the Sonic fan community, and f-sonic’s colourful piece here just illustrates that fact (see what we did there?). Showing the heroic hedgehog at his best, this pastel effort really captures that essence of speed that Sega’s mascot is known for. And he even has time to pose, look. What a flashy hedgehog he is.

Visit f-sonic’s DeviantArt page by clicking here.

Mmm, Chocolate Cake – by Alexandra Paxman

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

What birthday is complete without a cake to celebrate? Chef Amy has taken the time to bake a delicious treat for Sonic’s 19th Anniversary, and you can tell by the look on the hedgehog’s face that he’s very excited to have a slice! Not as much as Chip though, who has fallen in love with the chocolatey goodness! Excellent work, Alexandra!

Knight of the Wind – by Frida Danmo

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

This awesome sketch drawing of Sonic wielding Caliburn from Sonic and the Black Knight comes straight from the pencils of avid Sonic fan Frida Danmo. We’re not sure if the Medieval Wii adventure is Frida’s favourite Sonic title, but it’s certainly a game that provides lots of inspiration for artwork! If the Knights of the Round Table were here, they would surely commend you… after a round of swordplay, of course.

Amy Rose – by HelenBaby

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Woah! Amy Rose is checking out a book and looks totally engrossed in its contents. Perhaps she’s seen another news story about Sonic saving the world? Could Dr. Eggman have hijacked the printing press and used it as his own propaganda vehicle for the Eggman Empire? Or maybe it’s an advert for Shadow-branded deodorant (yes, after Sonic The Hedgehog he’s been busy with other jobs)?

Who knows, but we do know that this is a great picture, drawn by HelenBaby and posted here for you to enjoy. Check out HelenBaby’s DeviantArt page here.

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