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SOS 11 Suggestions Box – Merchandise [CLOSED]

November 30th, 2010 by ArchangelUK

A lot of you have suggested merchandise as something you’d like for SOS 11, a fair few complained there wasn’t enough: or, heaven help, the good stuff got taken by people who got in earlier than you. Well, I can’t really solve the latter… because thats kind of the benefit of getting there the earliest isn’t it? A couple even suggeted holding extra things back to sell at different times of the day… so you’d rather have it based on pot luck? Oookay.

I'm with stupid.

Now in 2009 you could buy TRANS//LATION for signage by Bentley and a lot of STC prints from Nigel & Nigel. In 2010 in the shop area we had the Archie comic prints and a vast array of specially printed Crush 40 merchandise. Plus Nigel Dobbyn had his prints of course.

Now I know you guys want this cd or this rare thing not seen since forever, failing of course to note that we would presumably have to buy, store and transport the merch before we even got around to selling it. Now when you get dealing with monies it starts getting very complicated. Our hands are tied a lot of the time by licencing – true story I did actually contact Jazwarez in late 2009 about a possible special Juvi statue for SOS10. Hey, No one can ever accuse me of not thinking big when it comes to this event – alas unless a few thousand of you were going to turn up and then all buy three each it REALLY wasn’t going to be really worth it.

Plus we’d’ve have enough event budget left to maybe buy a swiss roll to share out amongst you. It wouldn’t even be a chaos one.

Now licences will again be a bugbear, and I know this can be got around by possibly getting the licencees down to SOS, other places like Tokyo Toys have been suggested several times, blah blah blah. However I will be speaking with Mr & Mrs SEGA regarding this to see if there’s a way around it. So if specific Summer of Sonic branded merchandise can be created to be sold what would you be interested in?

T-Shirts obviously, but what else? After genuine suggestions here so please engage the reality switch on your brain before typing.


- ArchangelUK -

28 Responses to “SOS 11 Suggestions Box – Merchandise [CLOSED]”

  1. Kjeldo says:

    AAUK, T-Bird, Dreadknux & crew plushies!!!
    (really, if that could be made, I’d definitely buy all of ‘em!

    SOS socks

    SOS caps

  2. Casanova says:

    I’ve got well over 100 STC’s I wouldnt mind selling, including some of the rare post 184′s.

    One thing I wouldn’t mind, if possible, about a year back there was a Sonic Chronicles event which added new chao onto your game, any chance we could get that?

    Otherwise, gotta be F4F stuff… Jazzwares… urm… maybe some of the stuff thats not easy to get in the UK.

  3. Casanova says:

    Oh… as for SOS 2011 branded stuff.

    Possibly the following might be nice.

    Pin badges
    A yellow/orange SOS Sonic mini plush
    An SOS branded Fez.

    Or for the more expensive.
    Laptop bags!

  4. Alexandra Gonzalez says:

    How about a Summer of Sonic T-shirt, goodies with that title on it.

    Exclusive merchandise only found at Summer of Sonic and pre-released items.

  5. Ein Eagle Vanato says:

    1. Plushies
    2. Chaos Emeralds / Sol Emeralds ( If that’s possible)
    3. Replica Extreme gear (about smaller than a skateboard to be reasonable, sort of)
    4. Character Gloves, Shoes
    5. Those goggles/sunglasses that Sonic and Co. wear in the Rider’s series
    6. EC/SW/TSS merchandise i.e, Wrench, Hat, branded shirt
    7. “I Went to SOS11…..” and “I Met……@ SOS11″ shirts
    8. Small Master emerald with Knuckles figure.

  6. Reebes says:

    Small items like SoS/Sonic Badges and keyrings? :) I dont have huge amounts of spare cash to throw at rare items.

  7. Ben (aka Rio) says:

    Something commemorative of the event and/or Sonic’s 20th Anniversary, like a large coin in a nice case maybe.

  8. I would like to see more soundtracks. I was able to pick up “The Best of Crush 40″ last year and would really like to add more to my collection, like maybe Sonic Colours and Sonic free Riders or if its out in time another game soundtrack (Come on anniversary game!).

    Also I’m with Cas on some stuff that is hard to get over here in the UK, like the Super Pack of Jazwares figures! I would buy that at a high price!

    Lastly a note on T-shirts. I love the Crush 40 one I got. It is the jewel in my T-shirt collection. Yet I would also like to see other designs for sale. I’m not picky, whether it be of Sonic or anyone else. Lets have some fun guys!

  9. I loved the merchandise from last year but the ideas people are coming up with this year are rather good too. If it’s like last year, divided into merch between goodie bags and stuff you can win then I have some suggestions.

    Goodie bag:

    Another one-off Archie issue, sonic figures, a small Sonic character plush, a Sonic mug (now you can see Sonic when drinking tea), a different small Sonic artbook.

    Items to be won:

    Sonic artwork (maybe Richard Elson or Nigel Dobbyn can give away a print), Sonic Colours soundtrack, Sonic T-shirts.

    On a different note I wouldn’t mind you guys charging a small entrance fee for SOS. If it helps pay for the event I’m all for it.

  10. Hood says:

    I suppose for SOS 11 you could have teams this time round and have merch based around it like t-shirts,plushes,badges,wristbands,hats etc

  11. bcdcdude says:

    I know it’s real pie-in-the-sky thinking here, but a Sonic 20th Anniversary Commerative Book would be pretty damn neat. In my mind, the only thing that could do justice would be an encyclopedia, but I daresay that wouldn’t be feasible.

  12. Meg720D says:



  13. sonic4fan says:

    hey what about some sonic the hedgehog action figures or sonic plushes or sonic collectables

  14. Claire says:

    Plushiiiies, and pin badges would suit me.

    Wot about sum old school games, I know th knew ones wud be difficult (and costly) to get hold of but I reackon the old vinatage stuff wud sell, any vids/dvds or comics of the original series wud go down a treat I reckon… y’know sumin for the old fans who’ve luved (and can remember) the great blue from 1991. ^v^

  15. Tiffany the Sonadowluva says:

    Umm dunno mabe sonic and shadow plushies with tshirts sayin SOS 11 or sumfin like that but id like to see werehog stuff if possible…

  16. When the heck did chilli dogs become MERCHANDISE?

  17. PSI Wind says:

    A REALLY big 20th Anniversary cake, shaped like Sonic, maybe 20 in X 20 in? And maybe a diorama of the history of Sonic made by SEGA that is found somewhere and a smaller version can be won?

  18. Fullmetalfox says:

    I’d buy pretty much anything with Summer Of Sonic 2011 “Insert catchy slogan” Logo and possibly a character on. Mugs, with the above and a selection of different characters on different mugs, T-shirts hat, I think a book would be fantastic. Stretching possibly a little too far out now, but maybe someting a little bit too awesome like a copy of a game with alternative boxart, exclusive to the convention, like a final dreamcast release of Sonic adventure 2. A slip of paper with a code for exclusive content on Sonic 4 episode 2 or when you re release Sonic adventure 2 on the psn? Or even a disc version of Sonic 4 episode 1, just for collecting purposes. Oh I’d also buy a SOS wall scroll. Or a poster/ book with every UK cover art for every main game in the series with a year next to them…Just a couple of ideas….

  19. Fullmetalfox says:

    Oh and I’d definately buy character ties and shades with the sos2011 logo.

  20. Shadz says:

    There are plenty of good ideas going around here, I especially like the idea of an SOS’11 themed tie. Otherwise any clothing, mugs, keyrings etc would be great. I think SOS’10′s merchandise was fine I just missed most of it because I went straight for the Sonic 4 demo!

  21. Stiv says:

    * Sweatbands, baseball caps, beanies.
    * A coin would be [i]epic[/i].
    * Classic Sonic shoe styles slippers (The thinner sneakers, rather than the big chunky things), though of course this would mean different sizes which is probably too big a hassle.
    * A lifesize Gold Ring.
    * Vinyl Sonic masks.

    Of course, I’d be more than happy with just another figure.

  22. Harry says:

    well there was lots of crush 40 stuff but really what i’d like to see is unique summer of sonic merch (clothing, badges, posters etc)
    Sonic CDs
    Sonic DVDs
    Sonic video games
    Sonic clothing
    ANd plenty of it!!!

  23. matdizzle says:

    SoS T-Shirts! XD

  24. Tru says:

    A Wrecks Factor album, consisting of such classic hits like “He’s Got A Wrench”.

  25. Agree with all the above, T shirts and SOS11 branded merch are a must, as are the plushies (I NEED A CHAO PLUSH!)

    But how about a few capsule machines dotted around the place with THESE inside?!

    Thanks to the Blue Blurist for showing me them…

    Naturally I HAVE to collect them all.

  26. ShadowPhantom says:

    I’d take just about anything. Figures, shirts, keychains, plushes, mugs, hats, posters, ect.

    As long as it has a Sonic character on it, I’ll get it.

    Oh! How about soundtracks! I’d really love to pick up the soundtrack for Unleashed and Colors.

  27. f-sonic says:

    how about stuff that you would find online. like collectables and acssories you wouldn’t find in your average game shop.

  28. Again, we’d have to find them ourselves and buy them with our own money….. there’s a display case for that sort of thing.

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