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Summer Of Sonic 2011 – Now Entering Special Stage

October 17th, 2010 by ArchangelUK

EDIT: Comments are now closed.

Hi all, its your host with the most ArchangelUK here.  We’re not even out of 2010 yet and we’ve got a vast array of work still to do this year on Summer Of Sonic.

Well, I say we…

In order to progress with Summer Of Sonic 2011 I have to begin thinking about it now. As such we’ve begun talking about it in the SOS war-room and I’d like to open up the floor to suggestions from you guys. These are suggestions at this point only. Some things to bear in mind:

1) Don’t bother to suggest air-con. Ok? We know. As far as we were aware the Pavilion had air-con and you weren’t the only ones who suffered.

2) Please keep your suggestions in the realms of both reality and legality. Stupidity will be dealt with harshly and with a big stick.

3) If we then go to do something suggested within the resultant suggestion that doesn’t mean it’s all your responsibility it happened. There are still people who honestly are convinced Crush 40 happened because of them. You REALLY aren’t.

4) Final decisions are always that of SEGA and the SOS management team.

Otherwise you’re free to ask for whoever. Go on, off you go then.

81 Responses to “Summer Of Sonic 2011 – Now Entering Special Stage”

  1. *bigsis says:

    Oops, sorry, I just noticed I was asking the same questions second time. Just ignore them. Thanks. :P

  2. Almiraswolf says:

    Merchandising: Would it be possible to get a company like TokyoToys to bring some Sonic merch to sell? :)

    Other suggestions: Perhaps more little activities and contests (fan art contest, quizzes, floor voting for cosplays, more Wentos appearances etc) . Nothing huge, just more little fun things to do in between the bigger events and shows. Perhaps some refreshments for sale too.

  3. Jake says:

    For us first-timers, is this still a one-day con? What can attendance be expected to be for the celebration of the 20th anniversary?

  4. f-sonic says:

    well personaly i think it should span over a weekend like a music festival. but obviously since there is only so much you guys can do to keep s enertaned, that is a lot to ask. though i was thinking that it would be really awesome if there was like a sonic disco. as so to speak. more a rave perhaps. xD but since sonic has a lot of remixes that are great to listen to and there are plenty out there, that it would be very awesome in my opinion.

    the reason i mentioned it being over the weekend or more than one day, is that obviously there is a lot to fit in, in one day, expectally if u included like a sonic disco rave. also a lot of people that come stay over in hotels and travel a long way to attend. usualy they stay for more than one day, and i think it would be very benifical for those people.

    anyway on another note i just thought i would mention that there is a online game called osu. which is like gutair hero with a mouse, and they have a few sonic songs on there to play. oviously not everyone knows of this and probably wont have pervious exprence. but maybe you could do like a chalenge on it. like you did this year with the sonic racing. :D just a suggestion. (though i am quite srs about the sonic disco xD )

  5. ShadowsSatelliteLaser says:

    Something thats not been heavily enforced is Voice Actors. Im training as an actor to hopefully become a voice actor, and i’d *love* to meet some of the Voice actors like Roger Craig Smith/Jason Griffith, maybe not Jaleel White so much .. lord knows we all have seen “The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” at some point.
    Also on the topic, the Karaoke was quite contained, and expanding on what people have said, (although sing along sounds a bit boy scout camp-fire to me) i would love to hear or even perform my favourite sonic song on stage. Lord knows I prepared on the train ride to SoS 2010 :P
    Merchandise.. (yes i have to say it) wasnt too great. I know reading this is going to sound like a drill through the left brain sausage meat being the over 9000th person to say it, but it is a point. The Gaming Expo a month ago was dreadful for merchandise, it was literally a case of “I was at the 2010 Gaming Expo,” which sucked spudniks. I loved that Crush 40 was merchandising (curses for not buying a CD in time..), but other than that, it may have just been a space issue at the venue, but id love to see some sonic tshirts or something similar :)
    Trying not to ramble on now about useless jargon, but a point raised earlier corresponds to what you guys aim to do, which is to bring the sonic community together. Things like a DS/PSP corner, and tournaments would be interesting to say the least :D
    On a final note, it was really hot and i think there was a problem with the air condi-.. not ready to joke about it yet… ok ok…

  6. Mark says:

    I’m probably gonna be in the minority but I think some more things to do for more casual fans would be awesome. I’m a massive fan but a few of the people I was with weren’t and A LOT of jokes and participation stuff went over their heads (and mine in some cases). No disrespect but literally after playing sonic 4 I felt like there wasn’t anything else to do so we just went to the pub then came back for crush 40 lol.

    More Xbox’s, More Merch, no hermet crabs, better queing and just more general nostalgic shit spread around the place sounds good to me. Great job for a free event regardless.. Hopefully you get more backing from SEGA this time round.

  7. Heaven the Hedgehog says:

    How about making a blog with a list of all ideas and let everyone vote for it? and if you have a new idea, just post it right into the list!

  8. jonathan says:

    i think they should have a music guessing game where sega play all the music from the sonic games and people can buzz in with a answer and there should be a trophy as a prize

  9. shadowzac says:

    to be one of the few fans i will say this:BRING IN THE WEREHOG! :)

  10. Connor says:

    more merchandise! sell jazwares stuff! and allow under 13′s to come!

  11. coretta king says:

    the chili dog stand is a cool idea. and i wouldn’t mind paying for a ticket.

  12. batwing321 says:

    I don’t know if it would ever happen, but I’d love to hear Crush 40 sin the Sonic cartoon theme song!

  13. gianmetalbass says:

    just try to have crush 40 back again for 2011. please ;)

  14. KKM says:

    I suggest, like you had already hinted in Bumbleking, that you manage to bring Ian Flynn and some Archie Sonic artists to SoS. Once that is done, I suggest getting Nigel Kitching, Dobbyn and other StC people there too. Have all these talented people be there giving autographs, and the like, and maybe even have a diescussion panel with them all related to how to do a Sonic Comic? dunno

    also, pay my ticket please ;) (joke)

  15. Egg says:

    Maybe something with Eggman? He did Threaten to get a Summer of Eggman instead of Summer of Sonic for 2011 when he was standing on stage, right?

  16. MelodyChaos says:

    @shadowzac I hope not, or they’ll be TWO werehogs! XD

    I’m with Allybee on this one: Changing rooms would be very much appreciated than the tiny cubicles in the toilets (and I’d hate to drop something down the loo…).
    But yes, more merchandise or a bigger venue. I wouldn’t mind at all if we had to start paying for tickets to cover the costs if it would make it more awesome!

    Also, I loved that little quiz show you did. It feels good to be surrounded by people singing along to Emerald Hill *Nerds out*

  17. Euan the Echidhog says:

    Hi there

    Well, some of the things I want to see at the next SoS are pretty much mentioned (such as more merchandise, more Sonic related guests, a very large place for it to be held, etc), but there is one I kinda thought of which is the queue for getting into SoS.

    If possible at SoS 2011, u could have 2 queues outside at the entrance. One for those with tickets and the other being those without. I just think it would be better like this so not many people would end up near the front of the queue, only to be forced to the back of the queue (as I’m sure many of them are unaware of this and having waited a long time).

    Also, if u want to keep SoS free, perhaps u should open up a Paypal account and leave it on the webste, so people can pay in money to help go towards the next event (since the Kelvedon Free Music Festival normally has alot of donation boxes around the place to go towards the event).

    Well, thats all I can think of at the moment. Hope what I said is useful to u guys. Looking forward to the next Summer of Sonic… or is it Summer of Eggman?…HAHAHAHAHA!!! (coughs) Sorry ^^;


  18. UKYoshifan says:

    I was thinking maybe like last year you had sonic and sega all stars tournament which was great but was a tad unorganised I noticed the guys working it out were struggling to identify people so maybe do the tournament in a more easily placed area. Also instead on Sonic and Sega all stars racing for teh tournament how about Sonic Free Riders on the Kinect. It would be a much more fun game and more based around Sonic in general plus what could be more fun. Obviously their is space to be included and make sure people don’t wave around too much behind players but I think that would be brilliant. Oh I dibs Tails! ^-^”

    Maybe lockers could be a suggestion especially for like cosplayers who are changing and such but I don’t know maybe.

    Okay guess beat me sensless with the big stick then! xDD

  19. That was partly because people didn’t listen to the announcements and walked off…

  20. UKYoshifan says:

    Oh I understand that. Which is why there may need to be a more stable and organised system in sorting that out but I still think Sonic Free Riders would be a more fun tournament! :D

  21. Claire says:


    a lotta good ideas. Yeh I’m all for the voice actors, comin in.
    A friend of mine did ask what kind of merchandise was sold and I was like… um… none. He looked shocked… and upon reflection I also was. Its summer of SONIC after all… so yeh sum Sonic merchandise… please…? X3
    Sum food and drink machines/stalls may also be a good idea and defo more wii systems/ xbox consoles as I qued for 20 mins for Sonic colours and 40 mins for Sonic 4 despite being one of the first ppl in.
    But I think the most important thing is… PLEASE DO WOTEVA IT TAKES FOR CRUSH 40 TO COME BACK. Jonny has already said they are… but I’m scared they wont. Espec now they have their version of ‘Free’ out… I would love to hear this live!

    Cant wait!

    …210 days to go… ^v^

  22. shadowzac says:

    well sonic free riders are would have to be closed off because as i know from instore demos the kincet does not work if theyre are other people in the way

  23. Angie says:

    Dear ArchangelUK,
    Me and a HUGE amount of people on deviantART have been working on this project. A project we like to call “Project Sonic Boom!” It was created to celebrate 20 years of Sonic! We will continue working on this until the first day of June I suppose. We are going to try to make almost ALL of the Sonic songs into a collaboration into a video. By this I mean, we take a Sonic song and it’s lyrics, and everyone gets one line of the lyrics; for example “The Sky with Stars so Bright,” one person would have that line and would have to draw a picture going towards to show that line. Once the whole song is done with all of it’s art work; I then take all of the pictures and put them into a video, add effect, and give it to its proper line in the song to then play it.

    Pretty complicated to understand, eh? We currently have finished one we just started. Here is the link to that one that I completed.
    As you can see there is a large variety of artists willing to do this project, and our goal is to show this during SOS’11. We will have plenty more songs with videos just like this that I will whip up.

    We all have been working really hard to get this to work. and were still in the process of doing it.

    Please respond back to me as soon as possible at my email at, and or and we will talk more about it from there. We hope you can find time to get these collaborations to play at the convention.

    Thanks for your time,

  24. Hi Angie
    I will be in contact soon regarding this, looks interesting.

  25. Angie says:

    Okay! Thank you

  26. Tiffany the Sonadowluva says:

    I agree with shadowzac i LOVE the werehog!and i hope crush 40 turns up again and they let under 13ns go
    I think that sombdy shld sing
    All Hail Shadow
    They Call Me Sonic
    And i thnk they shld get sombdy 2 sing Im Blue for the obvious reason…SONIC!!
    and P.S anbdy who has a problem wae sonadow better keep it to themselves cause I WILL HUNT THEM DOWN!!!!lol
    Luv Tiffy xx

  27. kiki says:

    well if you haven’t decided the location yet can i suggest out here in west jordan,UT cause it would mean alot to me because if i read it correctly it’s on june 25th and that’s my birthday so it would really mean alot and i do mean ALOT to me if you desited to come here.

  28. Maria Valenzuela says:

    Hey my grandson is a Sonic superfan, he is however 9 years old, we are planning to attend your convention on July 25 2011, is he allowed? Please answer sence we are coming from America and need to plan! Cheers! THank You!!!

  29. Maria: Under 13s have to be accompanied by an adult as I recall, but of course he’s welcome. Its June though, not July – don’t want you getting the wrong month!

  30. Curtis says:

    I would like for you guys to come to the US for a change it would be easier for alot of people to go to the sos where you go in the US is yours to decide… actually it would be cool if you chose to come to California!!!

  31. SK72 says:

    For Next summer of sonic, tell sega to keep one of the game announcements for summer of sonic only, that would be a great surprise for the fanbase, especially if it was sonic adventure 3 and then you guys say there’s a demo that would be a bigger surprise.

    also try and get Ryan Drummond or jaleel white to come down it would great to meet them ^^ like it was great meeting Mario’s voice actor at Galaxy 2 Launch.

    and make sure its organised so we can all play the games and do things etc, because 2010 SOS was annoying because there was nothing organised, all the fans hogged the playtime of the games making us wait in line longer. like some fans just went Slow so they can stay longer.

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