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Summer Of Sonic 2011 – Now Entering Special Stage

October 17th, 2010 by ArchangelUK

EDIT: Comments are now closed.

Hi all, its your host with the most ArchangelUK here.  We’re not even out of 2010 yet and we’ve got a vast array of work still to do this year on Summer Of Sonic.

Well, I say we…

In order to progress with Summer Of Sonic 2011 I have to begin thinking about it now. As such we’ve begun talking about it in the SOS war-room and I’d like to open up the floor to suggestions from you guys. These are suggestions at this point only. Some things to bear in mind:

1) Don’t bother to suggest air-con. Ok? We know. As far as we were aware the Pavilion had air-con and you weren’t the only ones who suffered.

2) Please keep your suggestions in the realms of both reality and legality. Stupidity will be dealt with harshly and with a big stick.

3) If we then go to do something suggested within the resultant suggestion that doesn’t mean it’s all your responsibility it happened. There are still people who honestly are convinced Crush 40 happened because of them. You REALLY aren’t.

4) Final decisions are always that of SEGA and the SOS management team.

Otherwise you’re free to ask for whoever. Go on, off you go then.

81 Responses to “Summer Of Sonic 2011 – Now Entering Special Stage”

  1. Liam says:

    Airco-oh, right. Here’s some suggestions.

    Sell more merchandise this time. More CDs, toys, all that jazz. I brought a lot of money with me to SoS this year and was a little disappointed that there wasn’t much to spend it on. Get a bigger venue with more seats. Also, a chilidog stall.

  2. KatPhantom says:

    I haven’t been to the past 2, but it celebrates Sonic right? Did it have anything advertised for Sonic’s rollercoaster at Alton Towers? That might be something to consider when advertising his success x I just cant wait ot go now ^^

  3. Ein Eagle Vanato says:

    I second that Liam, more merchandise please!!!!

  4. Well last year had so much, I think that its hard to improve. But as we know, there were problems with the Hermit Crabs so I have a suggestion instead of that. Maybe have a Sonic Chronicles kind of thing, where you have to do missions for certain people. The people pop up throughout the day to keep you on your toes. Also, Wentos this year had alot of spare merch from what I heard. Maybe have some more rings hidden in the venue (if this is already true, sorry). Apart from that, keep it as good as last time.

  5. ^ I’m all for more merch, though the good stuff sold out within about 5 seconds at 2010.
    If there are demos of new game[s] then please have someone regulating playtime. One guy played all 3 Acts of Splash Hill AND the boss while we all waited in a Queue for 2 hours to play our ONE act! Be awesome to have multiple demo booths for new games too.
    Rather than have unattended old games such as Sonic 2 on display, offer up time Trials on a specific level, have someone record times and offer prizes.
    Musically, I won’t even bother, you know who we all want to see! the likes of Crush 40/BFS/Whatever that failure at TGS was called are all welcome.
    One thing in regards to the timeframe though, there are long gaps where nothing seems to be happening. I know this is needed in order to give people time to play demos etc, but I found myself very bored between items on the stage and not wanting to queue for hours. Perhaps a separate room/ area for the new demos, as this year the Queues were very obstructive to people trying to get in and out.
    Q&A’s are always fun, so perhaps getting more of them going on, even with members of the community such as Website owners, TSS, SW, Retro etc [Not TSSZ D:] just to keep something happening on the stage at all times.
    As for freebies, 2010 was so amazing that if there were none I would feel it fair! XD
    Can’t really comment on the art section as I’m not a very artistic person and didn’t really go there.
    In terms of guests, there really are countless numbers of people you could bring in that would be exciting to meet… But Yuji Naka would be the icing on the cake.

    Don’t think of this as “SoS2010 sux”, I loved it, I really did :D These are just suggestions to improve on awesome-ness!

  6. A fantastic NiGHTS cameo in some shape or form since it will be NiGHTS’ 15th.

    Just sayin’… >.>;;

  7. Reebes says:

    My suggestion will remain as always, a better situation for foodies like me :) Either provide food, or give guaranteed re-entry to those that go out to a restaurant mid-day. I dont like being told that having an appetite may lose me a place in the hall. ;)

    Also, last train home for many could be as early as 5.30/6pm, so would much rather it started and ended earlier. If its really impossible for that to happen, then give a program with times on in advanced (maybe a month?) so we know if its right to book a hotel.

  8. jennytablina says:

    A suggestion for the art zone and communal sections, could we have beanbags or something like that instead of tables and seats? The tables took up a ton of space and it might be nice to not feel on top of everyone while drawing.

    Personally I’ld really like some more community based stuff, in a way queues for demos took away time I could of spent seeking out people and saying hi. I’m there to meet people more than I am to play the latest Sonic games, though it was pretty cool to play those too.

    Maybe instead use demo pods for connected vs and co-op type games between people, it’s a great icebreaker for shier Sonic fans and a good way for people to connect. I’ll happy take on anyone in Sonic 2′s vs mode!

  9. Alex2beta says:

    Even though, I wasn’t able to attend SoS this year…Or any other (Thanks VISA, your my friend, now let me make a strong slap in your face) But im sure to work quick before major announcements about SoS just to attend next year, so heres an idea. Why not make something like a contest just like the SaSAR contest? Only it will be sorta a kind of contest were people play various sonic games (From classic to modern) And the player who has the highest score and best time in most of the games wins? Just a suggestion y’know and all.

  10. Guys I would like to know where abouts in London you will be next year and I’m also a sonic fan I gave been a sonic fan since I was 6 years old cos I might be coing next year and it will be my first time so year I hope crush 40 will be there next year and also if bently jones will be as well so year plz could you let me know where about in London you will be plz and thax for sega bringing best sonic games ever

  11. @Sonicshadowlink1

    Yes London again – I see no reason why not. Not sure where yet – I need time to follow some leads. When we know for certain we’ll let you know.

    @Merchandise Peeps

    You do realise we have to buy it first don’t you. And store it. And transport it. There’s the possibilities it infringes on existing licencing arrangements as well. The C40 stuff was a little different this year.

  12. Earthworm Swiss says:

    I’ll go with jennytablina on this one, something a little more community-based would be awesome. How about something like an SSMB corner? I don’t know.

    Otherwise, not much else I can suggest, this year’s will be difficult to top I think.

  13. repli! says:

    I just want Bentley Jones back please. :) …and more windows.. liked how it was so bright 2009. It felt so closed this year…

  14. Meg720D says:

    Something like voice actors.
    Or just a lot of music artists.
    And maybe a bigger merchandise stock. (Those Crush 40 CD’s went so quickly, I hardly even had a chance!)

  15. Tealer says:

    Even though I’m probably not going due to loldistance and shit, you should hire better sound techs next time, not ones who join the crowd during Crush 40 concerts. Just saying.

    Oh and make sure the venue can provide enough internet coverage for the staff for the live stream that RadioSEGA was going to do. Shitty bandwidth doesn’t help, but I know it wasn’t your fault.

  16. Year I was thinking guys do you have to by tickets cos I was thinking where you get them from and how much they will cost to get them like and I realy want to work for sega as well and I’m 18 cos I was thinking if I could work for sega when I will be 20 years old or somthing like that any way and I will take any body on sonic 2 or maybe 3 or 1 just depends like how I fill cos I’m all right with all of them and I also have at the min on my wii sonic 4 and I’m stuck on getting everything done so hopefuly I get through it befor next year

  17. SirSonic says:

    giveways, conctest, videogame tournaments, more about of that and also crush 40 again!

  18. Allybee says:

    1. Cosplay changing rooms, pretty please?
    2. Somewhere to buy food and drink.
    3. A gigantic sing-a -thon with big words on the screen and everyone singing Team Chaotix! (Ahem)
    4. Sonic the Fighters tournament
    5. A HUGE Sonic birthday card that every attendee can sign ;0)

  19. Storm says:

    I wouldn’t know anything about the previous years, as I unfortunately live in the USA. I am simply suggestiing perhaps linking up with some people here and maybe Sega of America and having a similar event here. I am not being haughty, and I won’t scream and cry if I get a reply saying “Absolutely not”. Just a suggy. <3 Thanks much for reading.


  20. Reebes says:

    love Allybee’s fifth suggestion, make it happen :)

  21. JezMM says:

    More queue control for sure – if we have Sonic 2011 in of course. Maybe some kind of ticket system to avoid people pushing in stealthily? Would allow people to leave the queue briefly if need be as well (or even eliminate a long queue altogether if you could have some kind of ticket number screen visible from far away so people can keep track of when it’s their turn).

    Food and drink is probably hard, because even vending machines would prolly be out of stock in the matter of an hour. At the very least maybe a water cooler with a plentiful supply of water and plastic cups?

  22. Heaven the Hedgehog says:

    I agree with Allybee’s suggestions, and i also have some myself:

    I was planning to make a Special Stage by myself. Some kind of a little Maze with the Quest: Get all blue Spheres ,like in Sonic 3.
    First prolem: it is going to be HUGE!!! So i’ll need some Space for that. Second: I’m not sure, if i may do it…. I don’t want to disturb the Shows or something. Third: There has to be a Price for the Winner. A little Trophy or mabe a Chaos Emerald? (just for fun) I could see, what i can do, if i’m allowed to do it.

    What do you think about that? If i’m getting it done in time for sure….

    A less exiting, but mabe stylish looking suggestion for the Cosplay Contest: Why don’t you save 2 of 3 Pictures of any Sonic Character on your Computer and show one pic fitting to the Cosplayer currently standing on Stage? I’m sure, this will look soooooo cute!!!!!

  23. HelenBaby says:

    If possible, bring back TJ Davies plz plz =3

  24. Liam says:

    Get Roger Craig Smith. He’s very easy to get a hold of and he’d be SO down for it.

  25. Harry says:

    Just a few stuff: More time for autographs from Crush 40 if they’re there again, bigger venue with lots more merchandise, more audience participaation and food and drinks being sold if there’s no shop nearby.

    Ps. Number 2 LOL XD – Let’s have the venue in outer space!!!

  26. Hood says:

    1.Queuing needs improvement so everyone has a chance to experience everything on offer and the wait is not as long *coughs* sonic colours*coughs*
    2.Merch (range,quantity,prices etc)
    3.This is ironic but more Audience participation
    4.New contests/segments,overhauling previous ideas

    There’s probably more but that’s about it for now

  27. bcdcdude says:

    1) I remember that there was a blog piece earlier in the year saying that additional volunteers weren’t needed. However – each SoS gets bigger and better each time, so I think it would be unfeasable for the staff to do *everything* (there were a lot of understandably stressed folks this time around!) I would like to volunteer with helping set up/put down (I stuck around at the start and end of the day – it was the least I could do for such a great day).

    2) How about some auctions for rare merch (maybe Sega have some toot lying around?) – money can go to charity and further SoS’s!

    3) Continue with the grand tradition of pre and post-SoS pub drinks!

    4) Maybe some kind of grand crowd gesture? I remember when Sonic Adventure was announced the organisers used the crowd chanting “SONIC! SONIC!” and they used the chants for the Perfect Chaos battle at the end. Not sure what it could be – but perhaps something that could be used in further Sonic games like that?!

    5) SoS over 2 days?! *shot*

    That’s about it. Other then that – it’s hard to come up with other ideas bar ideas for special guests (If Crush 40 could come back I would be super happy…but then again i’m biased).

    Thanks :)

  28. Wordy says:

    Here’s ma two cents =]

    1) The Place – I have a hunch that the Pavillion wasn’t quite what you thought it was going to be. Lack of Air-con, not so helpful staff, pretty dismal toilets and quite crampt when the event reached its peak. For next years venue my first suggestion’d be somewhere with different rooms. This would allow the event to have easily defined sections for people to go to. You could have an Art Room, a Games rooms, the main hall, a selling room? I feel this would greatly benefit the convention as last time it everything felt a bit muddled and queues were just impossible. This is my biggest suggestion as far as they all go!

    2) Merchandise – Although I imagine it was just a small thing this year but as many have said it would be great to expand it. If you can, get SEGA to properly fund it or whatever so you can get some lots of stuff and maybe make some decent profit! Plushies, toys, games, food, ice-creams (you know what i’m thinking), comics.

    3) Things to do – Now last time I spent the whole day there as my vocal chords were required, however it did occur to me that, despite the masses of effort put in, there still wasn’t enough to occupy people for a whole day (i imagine most were staying for the whole day to see Crush 40, who i sadly missed their main performance). Now i’m not really sure what else you could be offering so it’s a bit of a loose point but I think just maximizing everything and bringing a few more ideas to the table’ll be enough.

    4) Games – Probably the most exciting thing for most was being able to try the new Sonic Colours and Sonic 4. And I think most can imagine what i’m going to say – more. Yet again it seemed like this is still a new-ish indevelopment idea so i can understand the lack of pods. But next time it’d be nice to see a whole load of them! And some more multiplayer games’d be nice (ie; SONIC ADVENTURE 2 BATTLE! – cannot stress enough!) And the queues need to have those liney things you have at airports. The Sonic 4 one was disciplined, but the Colours queue was a mess. So basically more pods, more discipline. We need tazers to stop these crazed fans!

    5) Special Guests – Now I know this is just a silly one =P But it’d be cool to see some voice actors or whutnot. I’m sure you’ve tried but, what the heck, let’s drug and drag them here. Roger Craig Smith be warned…

    6) Facilities – I think the only reason i’m bringing this up is because of a slight hiccup in the arrangements for Freya and I’s short stage performance. My microphone didn’t seem to be working a to be honest, caused a massive amount of embarressment on my part – whether or not anyone cared. I have no idea whether this was the sound guy (who apparently wasn’t quite up to the job) or the mic itself. If it was just a malfunction then i’m sure nothing could be done, but I just thought i’d raise it.

    Overall, fantastic job guys. I’m suprised you’re all still doing this for free! Most paid people can’t do a job this good.

    =] x

  29. Sonic 12345 says:

    Pls put a section were people can make their own flash games
    And also more merch

  30. shadowzac says:

    how about something to do with sonic colours or colors depends whos asking like answer all the quiz questions scattered round the venue each represented by a different wisp

  31. Meg720D says:


  32. Meg720D says:

    Also, fanfiction reading. I feel like doing my Cream voice for something.

  33. ChunNanDragon says:

    Well i was thinking, because it’s special stage, the normal Summer of Sonic is from 10:00 till 18:00 if that’s correct, well, why not make the day a bit longer? maybe from 10:00 to 22:00? and maybe cell Chillidogs?.

  34. CapnClouchaser says:

    Oooh I forgot about this :O

    I like Allybee’s suggestion for a group sing along session by putting the lyrics on the screen/projector, that would be pretty fun.

    I don’t think changing rooms are needed if the toilets are good enough.

    As for merch, if you guys managed to get more merch, then one way to control it would be to keep some stuff in the back room or something and then bring it out later in the day when everyone has managed to get inside.

    Actually, why not let some of us donate some of our own merch? If you don’t want to charge entrance fees again, then letting us donate some merch could help cover costs and also allow people to buy stuff. I’m sure some people in the community would love to help out.

    Food isn’t a problem if people are allowed outside, and that was only an issue because of a mix up at the start anyway.

    I agree that the queue system could do with some maintenance for the gaming pods, etc. As for the queue outside, if you let us crazy early starters know which direction we have to queue, we’ll enforce it :D

    SoS 2010 was awesome, so there aren’t really many ways to improve on that to be honest.

    As for some crazy ideas, how about a handheld seating corner for people to bring their DS/PSP’s etc.. That’ll give people something to do if they’re really that bored ;) The idea of community corners would be cool too, although probably wouldn’t be enough space for that.

  35. Project Phoenix says:

    From a money is no expense kind of way, would be nice if the event could be pushed to a 2-Day event, so anything and everything that could be possible could be spread over those two days.

    An example I see thrown around would be for all musical guests to make an appearance, at least over a two day period, that could be possible as not to have everything jammed onto that one day (although in saying that, having BJ+C40 on stage at once to perform a live collab of Open Your Heart that was released a while back would be awesome ^_^).

    Also, it would mean that any competitions could be spread over the two days as well. As I could see a return of SaSASR as well as Free Riders make an appearance this year for competition gaming.

    From a realistic point of view, although a refined queueing system would be nice, like a seperate queue for advance ticket holders, and one for normal (or none, depending on if a charge would come for extra Sonic’y goodness). Again, if advance ticket holders had priority on the gaming demos and such would be preferred I guess, but still a more defined limit so everyone could have a decent turn would be cool too, as too not irritate the “non-advance” ticket holders. But, understandably, I understand issues can occur that would throw spanners in the works now and again.

    From a personal point of view, I would just love for it to be a memorable day again, as I use the time, not just to fangasm over some new Sonic stuff, but to catch up with older friends from SoS past and meet some new ones on the day too. So, as long as there was a bit more breathing room, I personally would be fine.

  36. Kjeldo says:

    -Crush 40!
    -Bentley Jones!
    -Roger Craig Smith (&crew)!
    -Tracy Yardley!!
    -Sonic Free Riders!
    -That new awesome big ass game for next year!

  37. *bigsis says:

    Hey, my guestion is guite simple: how do I register myself to SoS 2011? When the registration is? I want to take my little brother, who is a major Sonic fan, to that event as his surprise birthday present but I can´t find any link where I would know how to get the tickets.

  38. Aggron says:

    *Shrugs* The main reason I enjoyed SoS10 so much was because of the stage antics, so obviously I’m gonna say make sure there is a good stage show like at SoS10.

    I’d like to say “GET THIS MUSICIAN” but alas, I know its difficult, and I’m still shocked you got Crush 40 to come along <3

    Hmmm, I'm really not too sure …. PRIZES, EVERYONE LOVES PRIZES.

    Either way, I'll be at SoS11 regardless of what you do, Can't wait :V

    I would also like to see if you get some voice actors whether current or no longer voicing and maybe getting Bentley Jones as well as Crush 40. Also if there was a PROPER sticker trading station.

  40. Btw didn’t see the air con bit *looks left and right* cough

  41. matdizzle says:

    Here’s my suggestions:

    1) A bigger, more secure venue (thinking of fans and crew here…)

    2) More merch (if possible) would be nice, seeing as a lot of dissapeared within an hour or two.

    3) FOOD! Or at least a guarentee that you can get back in when you leave to get food.

    4) Crowd (queue) control. I didn’t get a go on Sonic 4 OR Sonic Colours at SoS 2010… :(

    5) More seated areas would be nice :)

    6) Having Crush 40 back would be nice… (espically seeing as Johnny said they would…)

    Other that, keep it mostly the same. I really enjoyed SoS 2010 and am really looking forward to SoS 2011! XD

  42. stewthepoo says:

    shorter queue`s for the demos! or more demo booths obviously. and crush 40 again :D and what about an exclusive sonic reveal? like a new game or something

  43. Gammaray94 says:

    Maybe you could put hacks and fan games on display, like Sonic Megamix and Sonic XG and things like that.

    And oh yeah, PLEASE DO ONE IN AMERICA!!!!!

  44. To be honest, I’m agreeing with what most are saying here. A wider range of merchandise but definitely see if you guys can bring Crush 40 back. As I said to Jun at the end of the day, it’s one thing to listen to their music at home but to hear them live (especially Jun’s exceptional guitar playing) was beyond words.

    As far as advance entry tickets go, I wouldn’t object to paying for them. Say perhaps £5-£10 depending on the cost of the venue and the attractions. Also, perhaps have a small group of guys staying at the venue overnight to you can personally ensure nothing is stolen.

    Best of luck with SoS 2011 and I will do my utmost to go, hopefully in costume aswell! :D

  45. Tanokki says:

    I have a few suggestions.

    1. Chili-dog stand. Cannot stretch this enough.

    2. Ask for people to donate merchandise to accommodate other cot. I mean, you never know who’s got some super rare piece of merchandise. For instance, seeing as my GameGear kinda blew up due to over use, I could send in the original Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear,. Encrusted that in gold or a gold like substance, and you’ve got a trophy.

  46. SoSfan247 says:

    although i have not been to any SoS’s i would deeply recommend that you bring SoS to Australia… it would be a great time for aussie sonic fans to enjoy what you have to offer… it would be an honour to invite hilltop hoods as well…they could perform a rap about our fave blue hedgehog! also include Allybees thoughts as well as my idea… preferably in Melbourne because it is the city of shows… you could have it in the entertainment center! i think it would be an honour for you people to serve us.


    p.s. include merch stands please! :)

  47. Tanokki says:

    I have a few suggestions.

    1. Chili-dog stand. Cannot stretch this enough.

    2. Ask for people to donate merchandise to accommodate other concerns. I mean, you never know who’s got some super rare piece of merchandise or cicely art 

    3. Make sure you get bathrooms WITH toilet seats. I’m not joking, some convention centers cheap out like that. Of course, I’ve only seen it once outside of Italy…..

    4. Some more game demo booth control. 

    5.  Having a Perfect Chaos speed run challenge/tournament would be awesome.

    6. Book bands that aren’t as well known if you can’t get BJ or C40. Less known = less dollars/pounds/pesos spent. 

    7. Chris Thorndike punching bag. C’mon, you know you want it. 

    8(I’m on a roll). Raffle prizes off, but charge the tickets a bit higher than usual. Like say, 5 pounds/ dollars to 7.

    9. Perhaps an animatronic Metal Sonic? Not really, but a big Statue of Sonic and Tails would be awesome.

    These are just suggestions and I do not expect any of these to be fulfilled (well, maybe the chilidog stand…). Just keep up the good work. And remember,  ” SEGA does what Nintendon’t.”

  48. Luka_Antonia says:

    What about a stall with a copy of sonic 1 working and running a contest?

    I’ve never been before, so, I don’t know if has been done yet. But, I thought I’d give a suggestion because I’d like to go to SoS11. :)

  49. shadowzac says:

    i agree with the singing but how about this: on 10 random tickets there will be a microphone symbol,and if youre ticket has it you can go up to do the singing

  50. *bigsis says:

    Hey. I don´t know if Crush 40 comes to SOS every year ´cause I´ve never been there, but if they don´t I would really wish you could get them to come next time (summer 2011). :) And about when the registration starts? Eve if the exact date isn´t yet known does it start on the spring or before the new year? Thanks a lot! Good luck for planning – you do great job! :D

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