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Although this is very much a fan operation, a lot of time and effort goes into making sure each Summer of Sonic convention runs smoothly. This page is a salute to the people who have worked so hard in organising the event and providing an awesome time for those in attendance. Give it up for the following people!

2010 Credits

Core Staff
Co-ordinator / Organiser: Svend Joscelyne
Co-ordinator / Community Manager, SEGA Europe: Kevin Eva
Head of Security: Joshua Cartlidge
Stage Manager: Adam Tuff

Door Staff, Tech and DJs
Door Staff: James Zeach, Chris Nielson, Gavin Storey
Video Feed Provided by: The Sonic Show
Radio Feed Provided by: RadioSEGA
Live Feed Presenter: Rory Joscelyne
Live Feed Camera: Jamie Williams
Technical: Ian Bennett
Lead DJ: Graham Seward
DJs: John Finlay, Chris Nielson, Gavin Storey

Arena Staff
Sonic’s Entourage: Lewis Clark, Phil Sims
Shop Stop: Ciara Thrush, Blair Krolak, Oscar Taylor-Kent
Fan Art/Comics: Rebecca Dillon, Allan Fildes, Alex Perea
Games Zone: Dale Gennard, Jason Hill
Special Staff: Lee Howard, Freya-Joanne Dowling, Vicky Tuff

Special Thanks To: SEGA Corporation, SEGA Europe, Sumo Digital, Jun Senoue, Johnny Gioeli, Nigel Kitching, Nigel Dobbyn, First4Figures, Archie Comics, NJ Live, Wavemaster, Tracey Yardley, JVP Events, Microsoft Corporation, Nintendo, Crush 40 Fanclub, RadioSEGA

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The Summer of Sonic is a convention based in Central London, UK. Event created by Svend Joscelyne, presented by The Sonic Stadium and Sonic Wrecks. Supported by SEGA Europe and SPOnG. Attendees of all ages are welcome, but visitors under 15 years of age should be accompanied by a suitable parent or guardian - the organisers accept no responsibility for those attending the event. Anything brought in by attendees to showcase are the sole responsibility of their owners. Be careful when meeting strangers you know online elsewhere; The Summer of Sonic is a safe neutral location for fans of Sonic the Hedgehog to meet up. All content copyright © The Summer of Sonic 2010, fan content published is the copyright © of respective artists and fans. Sonic the Hedgehog and all related characters are copyright © SEGA. All Rights Reserved. Website powered by WordPress.